• is LIMS class software (Laboratory Information Management System), which supports the work of the laboratory by computerizing key areas of its activity,
  • is fully compliant with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02 standard,
  • meets standards in the field of security, collection, processing, recording, reporting, storage and traceability of entered and collected data. It facilitates the implementation and maintenance of the quality management system.

This module covers the essential part of the laboratory’s work and varies depending on the specifics of research in a given industry. It includes registration of samples based on order or collection protocol, input and processing of results and preparation of reports.

CS LIMS facilitates daily and long-term evaluation of quality control data using Shewhart cards, Cusum cards and more. It allows you to monitor activities by comparing them with the results of other laboratories participating in proficiency tests and inter-laboratory comparisons.

CS LIMS supports the validation and verification of research methods using advanced statistical analysis. It allows you to document that the laboratory is able to achieve the required performance of the method by confirming the scope of application of the method, appropriate equipment, reagents, qualifications of personnel and other factors that may affect the result.

CS LIMS allows you to identify the components of measurement uncertainty, including those resulting from sampling. The basis for the estimation of uncertainty can be measurement and statistical approach or knowledge of theoretical principles and practical experience in implementing the method.

CS LIMS supports supervision over documents and records, identification of risks and opportunities, improvements, corrective actions, internal audits and management reviews. It allows you to register, compile and analyze key information in order to manage the laboratory effectively and efficiently.

The Documents module is an open-access, central library for archiving, sharing and publishing documents created in the laboratory and documents from external sources.

One of the factors that determine the smooth operation of a laboratory is the effective management of its resources. With CS LIMS, the laboratory’s work in this area becomes easier and the use of material, equipment and human resources is more efficient.

Integrated with the CS LIMS system, the ANDROLAB application replaces the traditional way of keeping paper records by recording them electronically on a tablet device. It can function as an electronic lab notebook or an electronic intake record.

CS WWW is a web-based platform integrated with the CS LIMS system that enables communication between the laboratory and its customers. It provides customers with access to information about the services offered by the laboratory, their costs and turnaround time, as well as quick and secure access to the results of ordered tests.



is a professional and reliable software system proven to manage both large networks and single ambient air quality monitoring stations.


is a complete solution for plants required to continuously monitor emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air. It registers, collects and recalculates measurement data using them to generate reports on compliance with emission standards and environmental fees.


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