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    Frequently asked questions.

    The implementation cost depends on the functional scope of the program and the number of licenses. Contact us, so that we can learn about your laboratory computerization needs. We will ask you to complete a short survey, on the basis of which we will prepare an individualized offer.

    The implementation time varies depending on the functional scope of the program and the laboratory’s organizational capabilities. If you decide to buy a ready-made solution, the implementation time will come down to installing the software on the target infrastructure. In case of large systems with extensive functionalities, we will need several months (usually 4 – 6) to fully reflect the way you work in your laboratory. Please remember that not only CSMS’ personnel but also the key personnel of your laboratory participates in the implementation. Be sure to include their work in the implementation schedule

    The selection of appropriate infrastructure is very important to ensure work comfort of the system’s users. Contact us, so that we can provide the technical requirements needed for efficient usage of the system in your laboratory. When preparing the technical specification, we will take into account, i.e. system’s size and number of users.

    If you are afraid that your infrastructure is inadequate or that you lack IT support, think about a cloud solution.

    We propose a licensing model based on the number of simultaneous accesses to the database. It permits an unlimited number of users and an unlimited number of computer stations with access to the program. The only limitation is the number of users who can work in the program at the same time (number of open sessions).

    With us, you are never alone. Post implementation support will ensure safety of both software operation and its data as well as continuous adaptation to the changing needs of the laboratory. We provide support to the end-users in program operation, modify existing or create new functionalities and perform IT inspections as a part of an agreed package of service hours. We also release new versions of the software with improved functionalities. The post-implementation support contract is usually lasts for a year or multiples thereof. It is usually billed with a monthly invoice, on the basis of the performed work report.

    Yes. We make sure that the information stored in the database is safe. The LIMS system uses a login and password authentication (possible integration with Active Directory), which prevents any unauthorized access. The data is also secured by an extensive permissions system. Communication between the Internet platform and the server is secured with an SSL certificate. Automatic backup mechanisms allow to effectively protect the data, and in case of a failure, restore or transfer all of it to another server.

    Yes. Data exchange with other systems operating in the laboratory is a very common practice. Integration usually involves tests orders, sampling places and points, stakeholders data, personnel data, warehouse management, test results, billing and invoicing of the performed work.

    Yes. The CS-18 LIMS system allows to load tests results into the database as partial results for further calculations or as final results. It is also possible to archive the file from which the data was loaded.

    Of course. If you are afraid that the infrastructure you have is insufficient or taht if you lack IT facilities, cloud installation is a great solution. You will get online access to the application from anywhere without having to invest in an expensive infrastructure. CSMS will take care of maintaining appropriate resources and the security of your data.

    Your laboratory operates based on the requirements of the PN/EN ISO 17025 standard? Great! This means that you act in accordance with best practices and well defined processes. Just like us. The PN/EN ISO 17025 standard is our point of reference in the implementation of the CS-18 LIMS program. We are constantly improving our competences in the field of auditing management systems based on its requirements. If you are just planning on acquiring accreditation, the CS-18 LIMS system will be a great tool to help you implement a management system based on the PN/EN ISO 17025 standard and prepare your laboratory for the necessary evalutation.



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